Nivanbima roughly translated means ‘blissful earth’. We are committed to exporting quality Sri Lankan organic and conventional agricultural food products focused on Europe, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.


Our journey begins in mid 2020, when we realise how bio-diverse Sri Lanka actually is, and at what rate it is disappearing because of environmental damage driven by poverty. We hope to slow it down by promoting practices that are more sustainable for the environment.


We form alliances with ‘export worthy businesses’ and add value to our customers in the areas of supplier due diligence, product authenticity, processing standards, logistics and delivery.


Nivanbima is a small company setup in 2023 to satisfy market requirements for high quality ingredients by food processors and retailers in the natural health enhancing ingredient categories of spices, coconut derived products and healthy beverages such as King Coconut water.

…We are your export partner from Sri Lanka,
and we focus on minimising search costs,
improving product authenticity, increasing product quality,
sourcing from farms adopting environmentally sustainable methods,
and reducing negative supply chain events. 

And mostly, we help buyers to succeed in importing from Sri Lanka sustainably

Our vision is to bring highly valuable Sri Lankan agricultural food commodities to market niches focussing on food safety and authenticity, and at the same time, add value to Sri Lankan exports and contribute to lifting the livelihoods of farmers still utilising sustainable ancient agricultural practices, but earning very low per capita incomes.



Nivanbima has five values, and they are to; improve the lives of farmers, promote sustainable practices, return value to our environment, encourage innovation and respond to market opportunities



Our business outcomes are aligned to develop these values, shown by the five leaves of our logo

Our mission is to bring ‘authentic’ natural foods to our final customers, minimise the costs to our business partners, reduce risks, and add value to the supply chain

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Nivanbima (Pvt) Ltd

No. 117/2/40, Prime Urban Art, Horahena Road, Kottawa

Sri Lanka

Post code. 11129

Mobile : +94 76 388 8202